Sometimes I get lost in imagination but not to avoid problems but to find solutions

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I do UX design, UI design, and illustrations.

Sometimes, I enjoy getting my hands dirty in Javascript but I am still a beginner there. Currently, I live in Tirana, Albania, and I am working full time at Publer.

I love getting lost in the complexity of usability problems and working on finding the best design solution to them. I believe in hard work but I also believe in a balanced and healthy life. I enjoy learning new skills and every year I make sure to master a new one.

I share a variety of skills at my work.

I do praise Figma as the best tool I use in UX and UI design. I also use Adobe XD, and I am familiar with Sketch. I am a fan of pencil and paper for brainstorming quick ideas.

My UX strategy is closer to the Value Proposition Canvas by Synegyzer for UX researching, I enjoy finding pain points at a target audience and build solutions around those.

I use Adobe Illustration, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Fresco for illustration. In illustrations, I define myself as more of an explorer, where I enjoy combining different ideas and shapes and explore color schemes.


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